HemoBalance is magnetic induction device

that permanently solves the problems with hemorrhoids (piles)

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Painless treatment which can, sometime, within few weeks, solve  you problems with hemorrhoids and you can avoid surgery. Even, HemoBalance increases blood flow through the prostate, thus preventing the formation of adenomas (magnification) and calcification of the prostate, allowing normal urination until well into old age.


Before (and after) each use, HemoBalance should be washed with soap and water (liquid or otherwise), well rinsed and dried. Before inserting into the rectum is smeared with some grease for piles (to the stop) when put into the rectum, to avoid damage to the lining of the colon. Carefully pressed into the rectum (large intestine) to the stop. Remain in a lying or sitting position for one to two hours. After that, HemoBalance can be removed and washed with soap and water.

HemoBalancePackage contains two color-coded magnets (caps on stops). The first day was arbitrarily chosen either of the two magnets (not important), but the next day should be used a magnet which was not in use the previous day. So, one day should be using a magnet with a white cap and the next day one with a black cap.   This is important and the same magnet should not be inserted for two days in a row.  The procedure is repeated in the cycles of 14 days with a two day break between cycles. Number of cycles depends on the degree of hemorrhoids, and the less pronounced improvement of hemorrhoids can be seen before the end of a cycle. When is the case of neglected hemorrhoids, those highly expressed, the procedure must be repeated in five to ten cycles.

HemoBalance equally express beneficial effect on the external and internal hemorrhoids, both those who bleed and those who do not bleed. As a well, effect is on the uncontrolled wetting the rectum and rectal itching. with it's action, reducing pain and regulates the flow of blood in the veins of the final part of the colon by acting on the valves in the veins. Restores elasticity and thus their function of preventing the return of venous blood to the anus and rectum.

After curing, do not throw Hemobalance magnets because they are not spent, but keep them or give to someone who still has the same problems which you've decided. Durability (permability) of Hempro magnet is longer lasting than we are.

Contraindications, although not reported, HemoBalance is still not recommended to patients with a built in pacemaker, with cancer in the colon or prostate and pregnant women.

Each magnetotherapy, including magnet therapy with HemoBalance may (but need not) cause a transient drop in pressure (hypotension) and transient diarrhea.

NOTE: devices sensitive to magnetic radiation (magnetic tapes, floppy disks, clocks, etc.) should be keept something away (a minimum of twenty centimeters) from HemoBalance magnets.

A Few Comments on HEMORRHOIDS

Hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins of the anus and rectum that can cause bleeding and pain. The consequence of the weakness side walls of veins, or venous valves, which normally function to prevent the return of the blood to the periphery, ie from the heart in the direction to the leg or in the direction to the rectum.

The most common cause of disturbance in the venous valvular disorder is in the liver function. The normal function of venous valves is their elasticity to prevent the return of venous blood to the periphery but their weakening leads to leakage of venous blood toward the rectum. Veins around the rectum is filled with blood, expand and may leak the blood into the large intestine (hemorrhoids that bleed). So, besides the use of HemoBalance magnets, one should include biological drugs (remedies) for the normalization of the liver, ie, start with a proper diet according to blood group and physical activity to adjust the situation. In fact, some of the causes of hemorrhoids may be insufficient physical activity (sitting too much) but also hard-athletic sports. Furthermore, it may be improper diet or damage in the lumbar (herniated disk) part of the spinal column (L1 - L3), or heavy labor.

Due to improper diet (many ksenoestrogena in the diet) leads to constipation,  which leads to excessive strain during bowel movements and performing burst varicose veins in the rectum (bleeding hemorrhoids). It causes pain, burning, and the inability of normal sitting and doing everyday tasks. In addition, frequent and heavier bleeding hemorrhoids can leads to anemia too. The occurrence of hemorrhoids in women is up to four times higher than in men because of higher levels of estrogen (female hormone).

HemoBalance with its magnetic induction effect on venous flaps so that they return the elasticity and strength and thus prevents the blood back in the wrong direction (from the heart to the periphery). Regular use of permanent magnets HemoBalance, returning venous valves in their function and appearance of all symptoms haemorrhoids (piles) are withdrawn within a period dependent on the degree of their previous expression.

PROSTATE and HemoBalance

Acting with magnetic induction in the venous system, HemoBalance effect on the prostate, enhancing blood flow through it, thus preventing the formation and calcification of the prostate adenoma. In men with already expressed prostatic hypertrophy, and increasing, enhancing circulation in it, HemoBalance leads to its softening and re-contraction function which makes it easier but, more importantly, complete of urination and cessation nocturnal urination. Hypertrophied and enlarged prostate preventing normal urination and fully, why one part of urine still remains in the bladder and urethra that can cause insufficiency, cystitis (bladder inflammation), urinary tract infection or inflammation of the prostate and kidney stones in the bladder. The stone is created by deposition of salts from the urine, which always lags behind in the bladder, and with it comes to bladder wall thickening. The reason for thickening is in hypertrophied prostate gland which is not able with its contractions to eject urine from the bladder, what is the normal role of the prostate and its muscle contraction releases the urine. However, this can not last long because the bladder wall muscles thicken and lose their ability to make the contractions.

HemoBalance with its (magnetic) induction increases the blood flow through the prostate, bladder and urethra and thus prevents the above symptoms. Change for the better, like the disappearance of these symptoms can be observed after only one or two cycles of application HemoBalance magnets, depending on the degree of development problems. Every man after forty years of age, even in the absence of prostate adenoma, should do every year for one cycle of 14 days with HemoBalance magnets, just in case, to prevent all mentioned possible problems. After fifty years it should be done at least twice a year.

HemoBalance magnets are small investments in health to prevent serious problems that may arise in those years.

Just to mention that experience has shown that the application of HemoBalance magnets leads to an increase in libido, that increase sexual potency in men.



As a science, magnetic biology is about 30 years. No less significant, but much is on the effect of magnets on health is still too little known. The known positive effects of magnets on the healing of bone fractures, the re-creation of cartilage in the joints and have lost the activation function in the body but does not yet know the biological mechanisms of action. How and why this happens. Of course that positive events are more important than themselves, but for better understanding and control of the process from the begining to the end the biological mechanisms of the action of magnets should be clarify. It is known that the erythrocytes (red blood cells), because of the activity of lectins from the food that is inconsistent with the blood type and free radicals (unstable oxygen atoms) glued each other by the power of lectin agglutination and thus travel through the bloodstream is not performing its primary function well. If the blood system (vessels) exposed to a magnetic field acting only a few minutes, the erythrocytes are magnetised with the same pole and split each to other and begin to function at full capacity. This effectively achieves the effect of autologous transfusion, which at first can actually cause numbness of extremities and nausea, but these symptoms soon ease as magnetized iron in the blood is now much stronger binding oxygen.

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Here is the first open, public testimony:

I have just finished the first cycle of 14 days and even, after 5th I have felt the big improvement. The pain has vanished, I am feeling like I never had a such problem. I have covered the magnets with some lubricant and kept them 2 to 4 ours daily, usually in the evening in the laying position. I am very thankful to you for spreading this method and knowledge.

You have my full approval to put this on the web site.

Mirela K. , Zagreb